Folklore and More

Want to know the truth about things that go bump in the night? What about where your favorite scary stories originated from? Do you care about the traditions and the beliefs? Here is where you can find out all of this out. Folklore is everything you need to understand about what makes this life so interesting. Keep reading.. find out.


People use stories to communicate how they are feeling. If you’re sad or happy, whatever, your stories reflect that. Stories are what keep traditions going. They keep us going. Our stories, they matter. They are passed down through generations and some that are new, bring new light to others’ lives.

Storytelling is so important to me because it gives me a place to hide. It could be in the past, in the future, or in some underground world that only exists if you truly believe that it does. There is so much out there, real or not, it’s there. There is a fine line between fiction and non-fiction in my world. I hope you see that through my posts. Enjoy!

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